Advice and litigation

Our firm offers litigation and advisory services. Hence, our activities do not consist in the usual ways of supporting our clients  regarding  the creation or administration of companies, drafting contracts for commercial investment or finance activities nor giving advice on tax law. Nevertheless, on specific occasions we do draft contracts, for example, settlement agreements, negotiation contracts (confidentiality and data room agreements), copyright transfer agreements, etc.

Advisory activities may consist in helping our clients, quite separately from any conflict situation, to comply with the legal standards applying to their activities. These standards may originate  from a wide variety of sources, such as regulations for combating money-laundering or the financing of terrorism, or relating to  the financial or insurance sectors. However, our advisory activities may also consist more directly in supporting our clients in disputes or even crisis situations. In such cases our advice may include an analysis of the problems that have arisen, of different assumptions for possible solutions, as well as the risks they would involve. On the other hand, the advice might take a practical form in negotiation activities, particularly in order to conclude a settlement for ending a case of  litigation.

Litigation activities consist in either bringing about a legal dispute or in providing the defence. We are eligible to appear before all the jurisdictions in Luxembourg, in a wide variety of fields, with the exception of family law, the rights of personality, traffic accidents and real estate  construction. When appropriate, we also participate in means of alternative conflict resolution, such as arbitration procedures.