Our activities do not include the setting up of companies for our clients nor advising them on commercial investment or financial operations. Nor do we procure tax advice.

On the other hand, we act frequently in situations where there are disputes between shareholders, whether from the point of view of strategic advice for getting out of a crisis, or from a judicial point of view. On this latter subject, we have acquired solid experience in the field of provisional and protective measures, either through emergency or ex parte applications (measures for sequestration, suspension of the effects of resolutions by General Meetings or by Boards of Directors, or arising from temporary judicial administration, etc.). This also applies to actions on the merits aiming at finding a definitive resolution to disputes (liability actions for the abuse of majorities or minorities, actions for the correction of registers, liability actions against directors, etc.).

With regard to services other than litigation, we also advise companies on aligning their activities with regulations that apply to them (e.g. banking or insurance regulations, etc.).